Tell Your Vegan Story

One of the main intentions of The Veg Monologues is to tell the stories of vegans everywhere, across the spectrum of age, culture, gender, nationality, religious belief, political affiliation, etc. This  is a place for you to share the story of  your vegan journey. How did you come to veganism? Was it a gradual process or a pivotal moment? How has veganism changed your life? Do you have something  to share that is humorous, dramatic, touching, exciting, or interesting?

We are looking for stories that are personal, stories that tell about you and who you are in all your uniqueness within the context of veganism.  Although we certainly do not shy away from stories told with strong emotion and strong animal rights convictions, we are not looking for polemic or rants (even though, yes, a sort of “rant” — Slaughterhouse of the Soul  has been included in the show! But that story, though fictitious, is also very personal). We want to learn why you went vegan, not just Why Vegan.

Please include in your story how old you are, where you are from and any other information that will give others an idea of where you fit in the range of diverse vegans. Stories submitted need to be approved and, once approved, will be edited only for spelling and  grammar and, in some cases, clarity.

PLEASE NOTE: Stories that are posted on this blog may or may not be included in future productions of  The Veg Monologues: Vegan Voices. No guarantee is made that  your vegan story, if posted, will be used in the production.  By submitting your story you agree that,  if it is used in a future production of The Veg Monologues: Vegan Voices, it may be changed or edited in any way befitting the show; you do not have ownership of that story within the context of the production; and you will not receive any form of payment or privilege for the inclusion of your story or any part of your story in the show, beyond being credited in the production’s program.

We look forward to having you share your uniques vegan voice!



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