Me Against Frank

[Female, early 30’s]

I was like eleven or twelve years old and I stumbled across this catalogue from a group called PETA – I’m sure you’ve heard of them.  I started reading about veal and I started reading about chicken and a certain fellow named Frank Perdue and particularly what he was doing.

I could relate to that, being from Connecticut and my family and I,  we were all meat eaters, so I said to my Mom, “we eat Perdue chicken and clearly they’re doing bad things to the chickens, all the hormones and keeping them in crates,” so I decided to write Mr. Perdue a letter.

So I write him this letter from an eleven year-old perspective, saying, please I’m very upset about the treatment of your animals, can’t you put them in bigger spaces and what’s up the hormones.  And he sent me back a “How To Prepare Your Oven Roasted Chicken Tonight” cookbook.

With him doing that, I said, okay this is war, it’s me against Frank. I never ate meat again.


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