Kathy Foster’s Story

I became vegetarian at 19 as I believed that was the kindest way to live my life.  For years I was the only vegetarian I knew.  Gradually I met more vegetarians but mostly they were vegetarian because of religion or taste.  I had never met any vegans.

Just over a year ago I happened onto a picture of male chicks being ground up alive in the egg industry.  It caused me to spend an evening researching both this and the dairy industry and I was disgusted that I had believed the lies about happy hens and happy cows.

I went to sleep that night and woke up a vegan.  I originally decided to finish the vegetarian foods in my freezer and then restock.  However, the thought of eating them just disgusted me and I ended up throwing them all out.

Within a matter of weeks after becoming a vegan I was surprised to see how my health benefited.  I had suffered with psoriatic and osteoarthritis, psoriasis, IBS, constant sniffles and recurrent eye infections.  I always felt tired and had a tummy that would no shift no matter how much dieting I did.  I was taking 17 strong tablets a day and using steroid creams for my skin.  Being vegan cured all my health problems.  I now take no medication, my walking sticks and crutches are put away, I sleep much better but need less of it and feel more refreshed.  My tummy has gone and I feel like I can eat anything I want and no longer put on weight.  I haven’t had a sniffle in over a year and no ee infections at all.  My eyesight has also improved.

This is a change that is not only ethical for the animals and the planet but also benefited me enormously, a very very nice surprise indeed.

One thought on “Kathy Foster’s Story

  1. R. C. Curtis February 12, 2013 / 6:47 am

    Kathy, thank you for sharing this. There are those moments that change us forever, that cause us to seek out the truth and make profound changes in our lives. This was definitely the case here.

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